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Quality policy


Our company is one of the pioneers of manufacturing polyurethane foam components. We supply products of high innovation - especially in the field of fire protection. We work with the most demanding automotive partners. This way our customers can always count on the highest level of service.

According to our efforts, we do our best to meet international quality standards in every case. An analysis of our customers' needs and solid work gives us the opportunity to achieve our goals.

The foundations of quality policy of JR Purtec Ltd. are:
  • Customers - we meet the needs of our customers, taking into account their individual needs. Our contractors offer innovative solutions, by adapting to the changing market. The variety of materials - from flexible, integral foam, Duromer to RIM - allows us to achieve competitive advantage, ensure stability and build a leading position in the market.
  • Technology - we are constantly investing in technological development and management systems.
  • Continuous Improvement - We employ professional staff engaged in producing the highest quality. We are able to meet individual customer requirements.
Our business directions and closely related work rules create an appropriate image among our Clients, suppliers and people associated with us. The basic motto of our company is:

JR Purtec Sp. Ltd. is a guarantee of the quality of the products.

Międzyrzecz, 01.03.2017
Chairman of the Board
Volker Riekenberg
Quality Manager
Joanna Głąbała-Perka